Monday, 1 December 2008

One holiday down . . .

I hope this finds you all in a post holiday state of bliss.

I, on the other hand, ahem, am exhausted.

We had a relatively small and intimate and lovely Thanksgiving day and meal. Then Friday we took a whirlwind trip to Chicago to see my friend Anna's solo show (check out her new song if you want some inspiration!). Stephen, Atticus and I spent the night with her and her husband and their four year old and we were up at 6:00 the next morning to hit the road home.

Tomorrow I hit the road and travel 2 hours south to pick up my mom to come spend the week with us. She turns 86 on Friday and my son Luke turns 18 on the ninth.

Mom is still going to strong. She exercises and works in her yard, but she is getting a bit less reluctant to make solo road trips venturing too far from home. It's been a long time since she's come for a long sleep over and I look forward to having her here.

I'm having my family here on the 7th for holiday/birthday celebrations; it will be 15-20ish people.

Then my hubby and I are heading off to St. Louis for a few nights of R+R. Books. No laundry. No taxiing. No schedules. No have to's

That following weekend Luke and I will travel to Chicago for his audition and interview for Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Then the immediate Monday, the 15th, I host our holiday book club gathering.

And thereby goes the circle of life and living and doing and the reminder to, yes, sneak in the R + R freely and guiltlessly when able . . .

Or forever hold my peace.

Yes, I've run twice this past week and it felt great. Especially when I was finished.

The above picture is motivation for dreams and doing. It is a smidge of the amazingly beautiful, yet challenging ride we did in Cape Town, South Africa that spawned the most consistent exercising I have ever done and hope to continue throughout my long life.

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