Wednesday, 19 November 2008


I love the world of blog.  It meets so many needs, albeit, mainly personal for the writer.  I have a family blog I maintain.  I had a blog to track my progress training for my first half marathon. I have yet to incorporate blogging into my professional life.  

So let the record stand that the mission of this blog will be to bridge the gap between personal and professional.  I do some writing for other causes and from time to time, I may post those writings here for your perusal if I think they may be helpful, interesting, or if I just would like to be archived.  

If you read this and would like to have feedback on a particular area you are contemplating, feel free to inquire and I will do my best to address the topic.

My field of work is so unique when it comes to the area of one's self-care.  While I have years of professional experience and have acquired a certain amount of expertise in areas of life, that doesn't always mean I'm an expert in handling my own life challenges.  Like everyone, I struggle with maintaining balance in my life, parenting effectively, living a healthy lifestyle, having happy and healthy relationships and achieving inner peace.  

I sometimes envy the accountant that can show how he practices what he preaches by his well balanced financial books.  My goal is to work on keeping my self as balanced as possible and therein lies my real life empathy to you all.  It IS a challenge and we can all use all the support we can get.

I am not a clinical robot and I am sure you will see glimpses of my own challenges as we take this life-journey together.  Don't forget, for more indepth 1:1 consultation, online coaching is available with me at

Wishing you inner peace,

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