Tuesday, 30 December 2008

contemplating the life of a resolution . . .

Yep, I'm a sucker for them.

I do like to review the past year and contemplate what kind of positive changes I need to institute in my day to day life as I baby-step my own path toward optimal living.

Even if the resolution doesn't stay with me throughout the entire year, I find it a good practice of introspection-- much like writing here invites me to explore issues that I might not quite articulate in my head or find time to ponder.

In my head it can look more like: thought, thought, damn I'm a wimp for not handling ______ better, thought, blah, thought, oh yeah I need to remember to breathe, thought, thought, blah, thought . . . ad nauseam.

In other words when my feet are spinning and I'm rushing to work or helping others with their goal setting or most recent dilemma, or herding children, my inner cognitions aren't necessarily the most centered or goal oriented. In fact, during much of the busy time my goal for those thoughts is stopping them rather than exploring them so they do not take energy from their other matters at hand.

Therein lies the gift of scheduled contemplation. Whether it be reviewing the past year and thinking of goals for the next, or journalling, or blogging, or having a heartfelt conversation with a soul mate-- that committed time to evaluate and plan about "life" as we know it and as we want it is a productive gift. And also an opportunity to contemplate discarding what hasn't been working the past year. So, yep, I like that once a year I actually take a few days to ponder possibilities for change.

This year I'm scheming a plan to totally psych my inner psyche out. What if I commit to getting at least 15 minutes of exercise a day and challenge myself to keep the streak the entire year? I've exercised every day for 6 weeks one time; it was doable. The psych out, I would hope, would be that once I have done 15 minutes-- nine times out of ten I will continue further. I can't remember ever planning to exercise only 15 minutes.

So there you have it, with 2 days left to ponder . . . I may have a simple one but I think it would prove a challenge and I really think it would feel close to finishing- a-marathon-exhilaration if I could do it.

And for the record, I'm usually very vague-- I'll have a healthier diet, I'll exercise more, I'll spend more time meditating. I'm willing to experiment and see if the concrete may be more effective for me.

I think. . . two days to decide.

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