Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Oh Balance. . . where are you . . . (singing)

Tis the season.

Yesterday while driving around town I noticed just how un-holiday it looked. There are still leaves gathering around.

And I also noticed that the holiday schedule of commitment after commitment is upon us and it STILL doesn't feel very holiday like.

Thanks, in part, to Oprah-- after perusing January's edition of her magazine yesterday-- I do believe I know the cause of my skewed vision of this season: lack of balance.

Oprah comments on, ahem, where did those 40 lbs come from that she had lost a few years ago?

While I'm not obsessed with Oprah (my dear husband bought me a subscription just to have a night time read around when I am not into a book), I totally related to her dilemma. She realized that, once again, she let herself slip low on the priority totem pole.

How many of us do that? We have the best intentions of keeping up with our personal practice that we know helps us feel more balanced, more centered, more "zen-like" and just when you are breathing a sigh of relief, "whew, so glad I'll not have to go back to that chaotic way of life again," there you are perched atop the ferris wheel of stress-full living.

Consider giving yourself the gift of a regular check-in to make sure you are keeping yourself in the balance where you function best.

I know I have one, uno, 1, act that if I can just do it consistently-- the rest of my practice (exercising, writing, meditative practice) falls in place: sufficient sleep.

As a gift to myself, I hereby will give myself the gift of resting my body sufficiently. I will strive to be in bed by 9:30 and to sleep by 10:30. My body needs the rest.

In my wildest dreams as a teenager, would I have ever thought that the BEST holiday gift ever could be a curfew?

What is that one gift you can give yourself that you know would make everything else fall into place a little better for you? Maybe the first gift to yourself is pausing long enough to answer that question.

Happy Holidays!

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