Tuesday, 27 January 2009

a little follow-up on to today's sj-r article.

Hello out there,

If you are here today because of the article (click the word article to read) in today's State Journal Register, please feel free to scroll down to my post: Run Obama Run, which was inspired by my interview for that article.

My personal post script-- nursing my broken rib continues and I am committed to continuing my 15 minute a day run on exercise (I solemnly swear to get a least 15 minutes of heart rate raising exercise in a day).  So as not to be overzealous, as I was the first week post rib fracture-- I am looking at the deep breathing exercises that are a must with a rib fracture to prevent pneumonia as a part of my daily routine and trying to stretch as much possible.

My first post on this blog and my side bar tells a bit about  myself.

Welcome and make yourself at home.  Best of luck with all your wellness goals!  I'm a firm believer that our inner wellness and balance only enhances taking care of our bodies.

Happy Monday!

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