Monday, 5 January 2009

the long, long, long life of benjamin button

So what did you think?

I was a total victim of the movie pre-hype syndrome.  I loved the concept.  Like (enough) Brad Pitt.   Love Kate Blanchett.  

So what could go wrong?

I listened to Oprah.  

The one time I have seen Oprah in the past year, which had to have been at a hotel since we don't have cable, she had the cast on and raved and raved and raved about the movie.  

Here's the deal-- I'm slow, but I've finally figured it out.   Oprah has friends in high places and they all, understandably cover each other's backs.

The movie, in my humble opinion, could have easily been sooo much better to me than it was.  I don't like it when the movie makers (up there in the sky or wherever they live) choose to make the point that their creation is of epic proportions by making it epic-length.  

So in a nutshell--  there were too many languishing pregnant pauses throughout.  The one laugh that kept recurring, "Did I ever tell you I was struck by lightening 7 times," soon became less cute with the predictability.  And it wasn't the deal breaking be-all on the whole "circle of life," which I absolutely am interested in Oprah; but this was not it. . .  

This was a long, amazingly effected fairy tale that had little to do with real life.  And I found the attempt to intertwine Katrina throughout it trite and ineffective.  (I know, you want me to tell you how I really feel about it.  Right?)  This movie does a lot to explain Bradgelina's relationship with New Orleans.  

If you've, at the very least, seen the previews you would have noticed, though, Brad Pitt does make a very sweet and cute elderly kinder-man.  

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