Friday, 2 January 2009

what a long, strange holiday it's been . . .

Uhm. Happy New Year.

What a strange couple weeks it has been. If you need detailed background please fill free to peruse 2 posts down . . .

I feel my head peeking out of the holiday and virus laden days of yore, but I'm not quite there yet. I've been holding down the fort with a household of 5-9 children.

We are so spoiled with such a great space in the moderate weather (living on water) and a family that loves the outdoors that these more dark and frigid days tend to render everyone into an electronics induced fog (hence the frequent blogging). It's my own fault though, it's never as bad as you think it is if you make yourself venture out; I just need to strap on the armor and haul my carcass outside more often.

Which is what I did today to try and jump start that resolution I think I made. I ran for 2 miles and then came and got Banjo, the Cairn Terrier and Roscoe, the Welsh Corgi and we went for a very long walk. I was out for a total of 90 minutes and have the freezer-burn on my cheeks to show for it.

And it feels good.

This was all while hubby had taken the kids to Barnes and Noble to use some of their gift cards. So while I have a moment to myself in the house what do I do? Leave it. They passed me on their way home as I was walking the dogs.

Since my wonderful, uplifting holiday post a few days ago I've had another puker, as well as feigned pukers who caught their father's rath, "We've had too many people sick in this house to be faking! NOT FUNNY!"

That behavior stopped pretty quickly , but then my 2 days of queasiness started. It's the kind every person that has taken care of a den of germs has felt-- am I sick or do I just need to eat . . . which leads to flashbacks of what sickness really looks like . . . which then makes you queasy, thus afraid to eat . . . which I'm pretty sure eventually does lead to queasiness induced by famish.

You get the picture.

New Years Eve started mid afternoon with purging our home office area. Finally around 8:00 I'd had enough work for a holiday and took my computer to bed and hulu'd. For those of you that don't know, unfortunately that act is not pornographic but a way to stream shows on your computer. My husband eased the computer away from my dead sleeping self well before midnight. Yep, wild and crazy never ends.

In the midst of the chaos we've had a couple wonderful interludes with friends-- as in adults. And I haven't lost sight of how lucky we are-- viruses, crabbiness and all-- or how I wish for all of your families and mine the most healthy and exuber-tole-rant year possible.

Peace. Out.

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