Wednesday, 11 February 2009

be kind, unwind . . .

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
~Albert Einstein

Do you run and hide from your mistakes out of embarrassment?  Do you avoid situations or challenges out of the fear of being less than perfect or making a blatant error?

While striving to do the best job we possibly can is an admirable endeavor, not accepting less than what we perceive as perfection sets you up for a life of stress and anxiety.

Why are perfectionistic people always so stressed out?  Because they are consistently proving themselves a failure when they fall short of their goal.  Perfect is not possible, therefore a person striving for perfection ALWAYS feels like a failure at some level.

Look at the successful people around you.  Look at Albert Einstein's legacy.  Look at President Obama and from whence he came as well as the challenges he has before him.  Amazing people from our history would be just another person had they let themselves be limited by their ideals of perfection; paralyzed to risk and move forward.

This is an excellent reminder when you look holistically at your life:

  • maintaining your health by exercising isn't an all or nothing deal; there will be stumbles but your health will only improve if you get up and keep moving . . .
  • eating a healthy diet is a challenge; choosing something less than healthy doesn't mean you need to abort your goal of an overall average of healthy choices . . . 
  • positive communications in our relationships is a worthy goal; if your anger gets the best of you at some point does that mean your a failure in relationships?  no, you are human.  how do you learn from your interaction?   make amends and move forward . . .
  • doing the best job you possibly can in your work, be it President of the United States or parenting your children is a great goal to set; life and work and the unknown will throw you curve balls in the future.  accept that challenges arise and each time you face one you can use the knowledge gained to help you be a bit more effective in similar circumstances in the future.
  • practicing your faith or your practice of centering  yourself in the face of chaos is sometimes touch and go; don't puncture your life boat just because you can't always reach it-- it will be there for you when you can make time for it.

Be kind to those around you that show their less than perfect selves.  We are all on this journey together and supporting each other does much more for the greater good than constantly pointing out perceived mistakes.

And most of all, if you find yourself frequently stressed due to striving for perfection~ be kind to yourself.  

Ultimately, you are the only person that will stand by you and support you throughout your entire life.  Any wasted energy spent on beating yourself up could have gone to many, many more positive endeavors.

be kind, unwind . . .

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