Monday, 9 March 2009

I DARE YOU to join our ROCKiNG effort~

In celebration of International Women's Day, singer/songwriter/musician Anna Fermin and I are announcing the birth of a bouncing baby-- MOMSthatROCK! Concerts for Cause.

Please click here to read the birth announcement for MOMSthatROCK!  

You can join this effort and participate in meaningful activism and while enjoying some righteous rocking out!

Email us at  to say- Hey I'm interested, keep me informed! and for a limited time you will receive an free Mp3 of MOMSthatROCK!'s phenomenal theme song: AWAKEN TO A NEW EARTH, written by Aaron Barber and Anna Fermin and performed by Anna Fermin (available on iTunes and CDBaby).

Hurry and get your free Mp3 for emailing us, turn up your volume, listen to Awaken to a New Earth (you will be moved), tell your friends to sign up at and be kept up to date of our news and concert schedule!

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