Wednesday, 25 March 2009

It's always something . . .

Have you ever found yourself going through life and saying: "when (fill in the blank) happens, life is going to be so much easier (or I'll feel complete or I'll have achieved nirvana).

Of course you have.  

We all have.  

I'm convinced that it is a inherent homosapien survival mechanism and a developmental task that we all experience to a greater or lesser extent.  

There are some positives that can come of this mindset.  After all, it does motivate one to achieve a goal if one feels that they will find a perpetual state of bliss by meeting said goal.  

Many folks have felt: when I find the "perfect" partner or when I have a baby or when we have the "perfect" house . . . THEN I will have "arrived" to my life and it will be smooth sailing from here on out.

The problem with this mindset is that we are not living our current life if we continually have an eye on what we think it is that will mean perfection to us in the future. 

Many of us that have reached a certain age have accepted the realization that there is NO external event in our life that will bring us inner peace.  And we've found that out by achieving goals  and accomplishments  only to realize that although these achievements can feel absolutely wonderful-- there will ALWAYS be something else that comes up that we consider a MUST do to continue to achieve optimal living.

So when you are getting bogged down with external expectations that you have for yourself-- a perfect yard, a promotion at work, the perfect partner-- let that be your reminder to look within and explore the only thing you are ultimately in control of YOU.

Do you live your life with a sense of peace and calm?  

Do you choose love to be the force that steers your way?  

Do you refrain from judging others and practice kindness with yourself as well?  

Do you live each day-- One Day At A Time or even one minute at a time-- in an effort to make the most of every day you are given?

While it is perfectly admirable to have goals and aspirations, we must remember ACHIEVING and truly LIVING are two different things. 

You can have a WONDER-FULL life without accomplishing everything on your (or someone else's) list of proposed achievements; but you will have much greater success with your achievements if you are truly living your life.

And if you find yourself stressing about that goal you feel like you are long overdue, gently remind yourself that even when/if you achieve that goal: there will always be something else that comes up on your list of things to do.  

It is simply the way we are wired.   

Kindly recognize and embrace your tendency to "want,"  recall that your worth comes from within-- not your outward achievements-- appreciate yourself, live with love and keep moving in a positive direction: ONE DAY AT A TIME.

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