Thursday, 2 April 2009

Our Dizzy-ny Adventure

My husband had a conference in Orlando and is a vehement "will never do Disney" kind of guy.

I seized the opportunity to take our 4 .75 year old and we begged his sister out of school since it was such a quick trip and she had JUST turned 9 two days before we left.

This would be a quick 2 day, mark-Disney-off-the-list-so-Dad-never-has-to-go kind of visit.

Yes, I try to stay "zen" and "go with the flow" WHILE "staying in the moment" and practicing "positive discipline" and all that jazz, but after our first hour in the Magic Kingdom I started to have a recurrent mantra to my Disney adventure, "End. This. Misery. NOW."

At the beginning of our journey, for the first time in our lives, we arrived to an airport EARLIER than the 2 hour suggested time.

And guess what our reward was?

A two hour delay.

By the time we were tucking the kids into bed it was 1:30 a.m. DT (disney time). Then with an emergency run for cough syrup for the oldest's incessant hacking cough that (I'm not kidding) Disney-magickly quit the moment her father went into the night to forage for meds and the 4 year old waking every 90 minutes declaring, "MY FEET HURT," (and I'm sure they did, the little trooper had dragged his new carry on all over 2 entire airports) NO one had much sleep.

The next morning the kids woke with excitement. Dad had snuck out at 6:30 am to get to a breakfast meeting.

As you can see from the very first Disney picture and the four year old's face-- he didn't start off on the right Disney-foot and I am sorry to report that it didn't get any better after that.

It was a day full of whining and misunder-disney-standings. For instance-- shrieking at the end of each ride: I want to go again!!!!

Can you blame him? It's what we all want to say after waiting in line close to an hour and going on a ride for 2-3 blissful minutes.

I thought people would be cringing at his end-of -the-ride outbursts, but I actually think I was seeing some upward thrusts of fists and the words, "right on," being mouthed.

I felt so sorry for my husband's colleague's wife who thought it would be "fun" to join us for a day at Disney. Let's just say that I think we solidified the deal and she is perfectly fine to forego the miracle of a child (thank-you-very-much).

So my dear all-things-Disney friends and my contemplating-Disney friends: I Just Do NOT Get It.

The bumping into people at every turn-- in fact that was one of the four year old's major whines, "THAT LADY JUST HIT ME IN THE HEAD WITH HER CAMERA (or her bag, or her butt, or her arm . . . probably a 20 time event) and after all his head was just even with ALL of those things.

NO one was watching where they might stand or walk or push a wheelchair or stroller and I think it is an absolute Disney-miracle that we did not witness a broken hip or some actual flowing of blood-- beyond our little guys skinned up knee.

And the lines . . . That is what our Disney experience was really about. Lines. Frustration. Crying. Whining. And more Lines.

And did I mention, Lines?

Did the fun-- and sure there was SOME fun-- outweigh the misery?



We did it, we crossed it off the list and it is done.

The second, and final, day at Magic Kingdom proved a bit less traumatic than the first. And, now, a mere day later, the little stinker really thinks he had a good time.

And I made sure to take plenty of pictures to solidify the "happy" memories in his Disney-memory-bank.

And may it never happen again until our children get to feel the Disney-magic with their own precious little darlings. (chanted, of course, with our magic Tinkerbell wand waving . . . )

P.S. Our nine year old was a little angel, albeit an exhausted one.

And Dad was actually the one that got to witness the Magic of the night parade and fireworks with the kids. The four year old was in awe and perfectly behaved and Dad got some wonder-full time with both children.

And that, truly, does thrill me.

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  1. Oh my god I get it! I avoid Disneyland whenever possible, but a couple years ago we took the kids for my daughter's birthday and spent the night. Yes, the lines and the bumping -- and expensive corn dogs and sore feet!... When we got back home both kids said their favorite part was watching cable TV in the hotel room. In retrospect, I could have taken them to the DMV to stand in line with me all day and a Motel 6 to watch cable.

  2. Thanks for the empathy and sorry but I was just notified of your comment today!!! May we and those in our tribe find ways to avoid Disney now and ever more. Amen.

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