Thursday, 4 June 2009

Safe Landings in Kenya

If you read my earlier post about sending my daughter off to Kenya, here is an update.

Rachel is safe and sound in Thika, Kenya at a guest home with "sweet" hosts and a "boy" from Kansas City who is also a volunteer staying at the same home.  I've talked to her twice now and she sounded absolutely mahvelous both times.  

The first time she called was yesterday to give me her cell phone number and an update of where she landed.  It's a crap shoot where you will be placed.  They loaded up a bunch of volunteers and dropped them various places before her stop, some very remote, so she was thrilled to be near a town and have running water and electricity.

The second time was this morning when I wanted to test my awesome phone card that will give me 212 minutes of talk time for $20-- to which my husband states, "hmmm, you are going to talk to her more in the next month she is in Africa than you would at home."  Uhm.  Of course.

I could hear her plodding away and huffing and puffing.  "Yeh mom, it's not a great time to talk. We're sludging a way in a rural area." At which time, apparently on cue there is a inordinately loud baaaaaah!.

"And that was a goat."

Sounds like calling her early afternoons will be best as it will be late there and her day of goat safaris or orphanage work will have come to an end.

And peace goes out to my Rachel.

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  1. this is great! I will be keeping your daughter in prayer while she is volunteering in Kenya