Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Perfect Date

I just got back from the perfect date.

It was with my 86 year old mother.

Last year Amazon practically gave me some books and 2 arrived, inadvertent to my order, on tape. Therefore, Julie and Julia: 365 days, 524 recipes and One Tiny Apartment was my first-ever book on tape.

I loved it. The author's voice reminded me of Tina Fey and her hilarious rendition had me laughing while I was power-washing the house and made me look forward to my summertime chores last year.

Julia Child is a fairly forthright memory from my childhood so with the today's release of the movie based on the book: Julie & Julia we seemed to have the recipe for the perfect mother-daughter outing.

On the way to the movie I explained the world of "blog" to my mother, who has never owned a computer, but fully understands how integral one is to my writing, my work and my life.

The theatre was packed at a 12:30 matinee in the midwest; no small feat. I turned to my mother and observed, "There are a lot of folks here with the same color hair as yours," at which she giggled.

The movie vacillated between scenes of Meryl Streep playing a right-on Julia Child from the time she discovered French food, to cooking school, to the publishing of her book and Julie blogging and cooking and blogging and cooking.

I found the movie a delightful translation of the book- and was intrigued with learning more about Julia Child's life.

The best part of the entire experience though was the company. I'm sure we were not the only mother-daughter dates in attendance.

We are at a time in our lives when this mother and daughter give each other knowing looks and enjoy every bit of quality time we have together, while frequently commiserating about "how time flies."

Today we made another memory.

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