Thursday, 1 October 2009

Build the life you want to live in . . . moment by moment

Life is good.

Even in the midst of chaos Life is good.

Balance continues to be my theme, my mantra and my goal.

This is a time when we all live complicated lives. Technology-- cell phones, pagers, computers-- has ended the days of isolation.

But being "in contact" at a moment's notice and for many of us every moment is not the same as being "in touch." Frequently with all that society brings us right now we are being given more interference . . . more excuses to not connect with ourselves or others.

Personally I have a lot on my plate and wear many, many hats. The days I become most overwhelmed by this are the days I forget to be mindful to take one day- one moment at a time, to breathe easy and regular breaths no matter what pace I am going at, and to take some time to feed my soul.

This is a reminder to you as we change seasons-- school years are up and running again, you may feel your projects piling up, you are having doubts about which direction you should be going with an area in your life.

Just be.

"I am right where I should be in this moment in time."

"I am not my list of things to do or achieve-- I am at peace with my life and those around me."

Remind yourself that you cannot reach your potential with you family, your partner, your children, your work, your art, until you are at peace with yourself and give yourself the nurturing that your spirit requires.

What are your signs that you are running on empty and need a stop at the "spirit shop?"

What are those things you do that rejuvenate your soul and bring you into better balance?

Every day, ask yourself those questions and put those items on your list of things to do.

Your spirit needs a healthy home, somewhere it can reach its full potential and there is only one person that can build it: you.