Saturday, 21 November 2009

Free Anissa: Mom Blogger Suffers Massive Stroke

This is a new world.

What am I speaking of?

The one you are viewing now.

Like it or not, more and more every day people are connecting via the power of the internet. Social networks like FaceBook, My Space and Twitter have reunited and connected humans in a way never thought possible.

And the world of blog.

As someone that blogs, I haven't even explored the depths of the community of blogging folks that exists out there and is sustained by this very real but ethereal connection.

I realized that connection more than ever when I was notified by one of the editors of The Voice of Mom-- a website I write for-- that a 35 year old mom-blogger had suffered a massive stroke this past Tuesday and then another after being admitted to the hospital.

As link has led me to link to read about this creative, sarcastic and hilarious mom and you see the massive amount of people this has affected, it is difficult to not be touched and feel a connection to this mother and her family.

This past summer I was witness to how the power of the internet can harness healing energy and prayers from all over the world and brought a 12 year old boy back from the edge of death.

I am a firm believer and practitioner of sending Reiki, prayer or universal healing energy out to those in need. If you believe that too, take a few moments out of your day and send healing intention to Anissa. Whatever it is that you do that works for you in your belief system . . . send it to Anissa now.

Her husband is posting updates HERE, a website Anissa developed to write about her little one's cancer journey.

See her indignant and creative website about embracing shooting for a new low in mommy-expectation HERE . Love it. And you can find her personal website: Free Anissa. Again, hilarious. On one of the websites is a link to her interview on Oprah.

From what I read about Anissa, she knows right now that there are people learning about her and sending her hope every day.

And now there is you . . .