Thursday, 7 January 2010

Out with the funky old and in with the bright, shiny new . . . we can only hope

What long, strange year 2009 was.  Correction.  The year actually flew by and since it was so strange that was one of the few blessings.

I can't recall a year that saw so much unexpected loss of life-- and premature at that.  Many close to me had losses that touched them deeply and I was also touched by them; some very deeply.  It seemed that many folks had similar experiences.  It was as if a morbid cloud hung low over 2009 and occasionally swept down and took a special (young) person "home."  The cloud did miss one young local man by a hair and witnessing that miracle was one of the high points of 2009, while the weeks he hung by a thread were some of the lowest of the low for his family and those close to them.

No more of that in 2010 please. Thank you very much.

Personally I had a bizarre year.  I started off with my broken rib saga which I shared here.  Then my sprained ankle that thwarted this year's half marathon attempt.  I recall that I avoided reporting that here because it gets a little old writing about your clumsiness and I bet reading repeated clumsiness sagas would get old as well.  Suffice it to say that folks were correct that told me it would take as long for my ankle to heal as it did when I broke it.  I got back to run/walking on it within a few months but I have yet to have a day where I don't still feel it.  I also was diagnosed with a significant long term illness; 'nuff said, but it has thrown me and my family for a loop and changed the way I live my life and I am waiting, sometimes less than patiently, for energy to return, pain to leave and to get my "spark" back.

No more of that in 2010 please.  Thank you very much.

Our nine children are alive and well and for the most part happy and any year we can say that deserves a happy dance.  Especially on the heels of seeing up close and personal just how fragile life is.  For this we are grateful and we would like for this trend to continue in 2010.

There were some wonderful adventures and travel in 2009 which is our medicine; if my husband does not get respite and replenish and refuel, away from the computer and phones, he cannot continue to be the mindful healer that he is and we hope for that to continue in 2010.  We love to travel.  We are not ones to go to resorts or extravagant destinations.  We enjoy embedding ourselves in new cultures and traveling the backroads and try to leave positive energy with those we meet along the way.

2009 taught me a lesson regarding New Year's Resolutions.  It taught me that there is a much bigger picture than losing 5 pounds or exercising at least 15 minutes a day.  It taught me to be careful what you say you are going to commit to hourly or daily or monthly because you may just get taught a reverse lesson: that you are really not in control of the show called your life and it's more important to work on ways to to handle the detours and roadblocks and curveballs than it is try to control minutiae.

So this year I have a few broader guidelines for 2010:

  • practice mindfulness . . . staying in the moment as much as possible 
  • keep a regular meditation practice
  • take time for my health and wellness-- without guilt
  • make peace with less than perfect health, yet strive to be as healthy as possible
  • practice my art and craft for MYSELF

My writing here took the backseat to projects I have going and I hope to stay in touch with myself (and you) a little more on this blog in 2010.  

Happy New Year to all of you and I hope 2010 brings you the happiest life lessons possible.  

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