Sunday, 31 January 2010

This is a friendly public service announcement

photo by Keegan Otwell 1/27/10

You know those times you have thoughts like, hmmmm, I really should reach out to that person, but you are too shy or insecure to take that first step?

Or a thought comes to your mind about a direction you should pursue-- and it's a strong thought-- but you dismiss it?

Clearly, I could fill a page with examples such as this, but I think you get the picture and I'll wager that you have had many, many of those thoughts in the past . . . and you've ignored them much of the time.

What about the times you are thinking of someone and the phone rings and it is them?  Or good ole "de ja vu:" you absolutely feel that you have previously experienced a moment that you are currently experiencing.  Or a conversation comes up about some obscure issue that you were thinking about earlier.  Again, I know you have all had those experiences.

I've had challenges going on in my life recently and I've been in touch with a few folks that have kindly reminded me that when any of the afore mentioned type of messages arise: STOP.  Respect those feelings,  inner nudges, intuition.

Consider the fact that those instances are not coincidences or fleeting whimsy and that you are getting a message from a deeper knowledge and that it is time to listen to that voice.

Many people will debate where that knowledge may be coming from . . . is it our own inner voice and knowledge that for a slight moment escapes the usual internal chaos?  Is it God, or Spirit, or the Divine Oneness (or whatever you may call a power higher than yourself)?  Is it your guides?  Is it universal vibration that we all have access to but most frequently ignore?

Personally, I'm not so worried about labeling where that knowledge comes from, but  I am very interested in working at listening and respecting those messages I receive.

And that, my friends, is today's public service announcement.  Tune into yourself and tune into the world around you . . . and yes, it's okay to listen to the voices.

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