Friday, 20 August 2010

my contribution to the closing circle for our Everyday Dharma course at Omega Institute

I was asked to share this and am happy to put it on here so that I can easily remind myself of the gifts I received . . .

With gratitude for~

  • kindred souls in this grace-filled spaced connected by a web of compassion and seeking

  • the knowledge that you will all be in my hearts as I practice

  • the natural beauty surrounding us in this space~ the sounds of the families of frogs and birds, the slither of snakes and salamanders, the sway of goldfish, trickling of water and the gentle rain that came down on us

  • the practice: sitting, walking, sitting again, deep acceptance, honoring our benefactors . . .

  • learning to better BE and who I am when I am not the worker-bee, parent-bee, partner-bee and being so blessed to have these daily sessions in which to just BE

  • the divine spirit of our gifted teacher that entered my life just when needed and teaches with such profound ability to simplify the concepts that appear complicated, reassure the confused, explain details and guide practice so as to make it come with ease~ but most of all teaches with her actions, her words, her humor and her gentle nature.  I am healthier and happier for having her in my life these five days

  • the Divine bringing me here and knowing that this is the time in my life for me to learn and experience these lessons and a retreat such as this was so helpful in allowing me to let it happen

  • finding joy in the midst of suffering

  • letting me find the prayer: may my family and all families of the world experience profound healing and come to know joy and compassion in the midst of suffering

I highly recommend my teacher's book~ Everyday Dharma~ which can be purchased HERE

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