Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Keep. Kids. First.

Here is a very brief list of questions for divorced parents to keep yourself in check and to Keep. Kids. First.

1.  Do you include the other parent in parent-teacher conferences, evaluations, MD visits and share communication regarding ongoing issues at school?

2.  Do you offer to discuss what is going on in the child's life/lives on a regular basis?

3.  Do you hold yourself to the same standard you would the other parent?  i.e. adhering to the Joint Parent Agreement; following through with recommendations such as evaluations for the children; refraining from talking negative about the other parent, etc.

4. Are you able to put your own anger and your own emotional issues aside and focus on what is best for the children?

5. Are you able to Keep.  Kids.  First.?

Email us at noalienation@gmail.com if you are a parent of divorce or were a child of divorce to answer a few short questions that will help us in our forthcoming book to help future parents of divorce to Keep.  Kids.  First.

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