Thursday, 18 November 2010

Mayhem & Magic

11/13/2010 notice the bird perched- did not move
There has been so much magic in the past month that has been zooming by; I am in awe.

There has also been tragedy and pain around our lives which I suppose is necessary to keep universal and personal energy in balance, but the lessons can be so difficult for us as individuals and as communities.

I am reminded about my amazing life changing seminar this summer at Omega Institute with Lama Willa Miller (I highly recommend her book Everyday Dharma) when at just the perfect time in my life, and amongst a week of sitting in meditation, she taught us a technique that was so helpful in dealing with difficult times- Deep Acceptance.

As we began all meditations we focus on the three arrivals: our body, our breath, and our mind.  With all of these steps you sit for a while in contemplation before moving on.

  • Bear witness to what is bothering us or making us uncomfortable; acknowledge the feelings
  • Relax around the difficulty~ letting an energetic shift happen by letting the anxiety go around it.
  • ACCEPT~ this is the way it is and it is okay or it is what it is
  • Identify~ understand that we are not alone, many are feeling the same way and suffering the same pain.  Send love, care and compassion out to those people
  • Release~ let go of the story and relax in that spacious place.  We are not ignoring the story or the feeling, just accepting that it is a reality in our lives

This leads me to my second life changing Omega Institute visit where I was attending a phenomenal seminar called Soul Survival presented by Raymond Moody, MD, Brian Weiss, MD, John Holland and Joan Borysenko.

Not only did I get some amazing interaction from beyond in my seminar with John Holland, it was just wonder-full to hear validation of experiences patients have been reporting to me for years and also the life-giving messages of these amazing souls.

Magic brought me there.

When we were in San Diego in September staying at a small bed and breakfast, energy pulled an amazing woman to me: Beth Lawrence.  We were drawn together, ended up having dinner together and when I asked her about Omega (because she lives in Connecticut) she told me of her presenting there many times with her best friend, Joan Borysenko and had I heard of her or her other friend Carol Myss or Brian Weiss.  We had an amazing dinner experience out with Beth, I experienced one of her wonderful treatments in her B&B room and we remained in touch and planned to meet at Omega; my supportive, loving soul mate gifted me with this trip as an early holiday gift.

Little did I know that one of my long time "heroines" author SARK- Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy would be there teaching a seminar (I've always wanted to attend one of hers) and I would happen upon her in the cell phone signal space at Omega (there is virtually no signal there)- here is our meeting where I accosted her with big hello and hug:

Later that night we hung out on the porch of the book store.  My roommate had turned 50 and didn't have a SARK book so I bought her Wild Succulent Woman and Susan was reading a poem about her father to this man that she thought needed to hear it.  The man was "ho hum" about it while I was soaking that poem in recalling my father and recalling when I had first read that poem myself.  

I was able to attend a 90 minute session with her earlier in the evening and heard about her new book: Glad No Matter What: Transforming Loss and Change into Gift and Opportunity .  I highly recommend this book.  I read it on my way home from Omega and found it to be just what I needed at the time and for many of you out there trying to make sense of tragedy: please order it.

Recent Magic-

  • We just returned from London where, with HeartMath CEO Bruce Cryer, Stephen and I presented at the Royal Society of Medicine.  Beautiful experience.  We stayed in a darling hotel called The Gore.  This magically came about when Bruce asked us about presenting and my husband, who has to put his vacation in a year in advance, just happened to have that week off.  What are the chances?  So Atticus and we were also able to spend time with Stephen's family.
  • I am excitedly still working on my novel and rounding the final curve.  (SARK offered to read it on it's completion.  WOW!)
  • Being in the right place at the right time to be able to take a beautiful oceanside trainride to Dr. Phil (during the same trip I met Beth Lawrence) to see the amazing Jill Egizzi speak out regarding Parental Alienation.
  • My 22 year old daughter has invited me to attend her Feminist Theory class tomorrow.  (sweet)
  • We have college kids from afar gathering with us for a pre-Thanksgiving feast on Sunday.
  • Atticus is READING!  He's in heaven.
  • I attended my 31st class reunion and had an absolute blast with old friends that are like family because we were raised together in our small school community.
  • All the afore mentioned serendipity involved in meeting lovely gifted people.
  • We were greeted by this on our return Monday:

Obviously I could go on with the Magic in my life, which is what I am consciously and internally doing to not have to focus on the Mayhem which is always going to be there as well.

My wish for you is that you are managing that balancing act as I know that many of you are suffering from a recent tragic loss in our children's small school community and I know my children and friends and previous colleagues are affected deeply.  Life wouldn't be life without Mayhem, but when our children are affected . . . there is no greater pain.

Love and peace and joy to you all.