Saturday, 4 December 2010

Thoughts on looking like you don't give a $@&%!

This week I keep going back to a post I read from one of my friends on FaceBook.  It went something like this:
Overheard at bookstore from 2 ladies in front of me: is she really that at peace with the world, or is it that she just doesn't give a f@#k?

My first thought was how lucky that person was that the women were talking about because she must really have the whole "zen" thing down.

My second thought was, Ladies, just because she doesn't lower herself to standing around gossiping about other folks doesn't necessarily mean she's totally at peace with the world.

Throughout the years I have had clients repeatedly tell me- I want to be like you . . . you are so relaxed and calm all the time.

Inside I would laugh hysterically as I would tell them: rest assured, I don't always feel that way.  But let me tell you I ALWAYS took that as a compliment.

Stress is inevitable.

Inner angst is inevitable.

Life-dung is inevitable.

Trust me I could write a book on my past year and would be arrested by the truth-in-writing-police if I referenced Zen in any of the pages.  BUT that hasn't stopped me from centering myself every day and getting in touch with Spirit and grounding myself to this earth our souls are now walking.

Who is it you want to be?  

Do you want to be the one talking maliciously about others in the bookstore or the one that appears at peace because you consciously walk a path guided by attempting to do the right thing for yourselves and with those you are in contact?

Strive to be that person that looks like they don't give a f@$k!  It is far better than looking like the jealous, malicious gossipy child.

Be the Peace you want to see!