Thursday, 20 January 2011

A Life Runs Through It~ if we let it . . .

Life happens if we step away and let it.  I believe there is an inevitable constant energy flow that forms the river of life and if we can stop building dams, bridges and struggling against the current day to day as we let go of our fear and anxiety and as we let ourselves trust that there is a Universal energy guiding us: Life will take us just where we are supposed to be.

That said, I am also here to tell you that the flow of that river of life brings loss and changes and suffering and challenges and pain; it wouldn't be life without the inevitable hurdles.  It is what we do with those challenges that define the day to day joy and quality of our lives.  We have to be willing to be vulnerable and sit with that vulnerability to move on to the smoother, glassier waters of our life-river.

Recently I've released blockages and anxiety surrounding the flow of where the river of my life is rolling and some amazing realizations have manifested.

In June, 2011 we will be moving to New Zealand.  If I question if this is meant to be, I would be questioning the very existence of the current of life.  The serendipity and "coincidences" and magic that have surrounded this fork that presented in our river, birthed from the vapors of the Universe, validate that to let anxiety, fear or vulnerability get in the way and question or deny this next chapter of our lives would be nothing less than holding ourselves captive; building an oppressive dam in the river.

Vulnerability surfaces: how will I function apart from my soul-connections?  Will my older children end up settling there with us or live in another part of the world?  Will my family ever make the long journey to visit us?  How can I stand to be so far away from my beloved eighty eight year old mother?

I asked those questions and the answers flooded in: distance cannot take the connection of love away from any of us.  WE can be limited by distance and WE can choose to put up barriers to giving and receiving that love, but LOVE?  Love knows no physical boundaries.

My mother and I speak the same language on this subject and as she says- you are always right here with me (as she is with me); it is real, we feel it every day.  THAT will not change.  And her other pearl is, "the world is such a smaller place than it ever has been" as we list the ways we will stay in contact which are not much different than our contact now.

A couple of years ago I was speaking with a gentleman who had relocated to Illinois from the UK and had left two older children behind.  He mentioned his regular Skype conversations with his son and I spontaneously responded, "Oh, I bet you have more quality interaction with him now than you did when you lived right by him." Being a therapist and knowing the developmental stage of his son's age group, that was a no-brainer to me.  I could instantly see him pause and ponder, then his face softened and a sense of relief came over him, "You know, that is absolutely right. We do."

I've recently come across some really beautiful research based presentations that speak to embracing our vulnerability. Enjoy the following presentation by Brene Brown: