Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Be the Bliss

Excuses.  We all make them.  We all have them.

I have lost count of the number of people I have met since being in the Northland of New Zealand for a mere 3.5 months who, without great means, stopped making excuses and followed and chose to live their bliss.

We have just returned from traveling north in the Northland of New Zealand.

Towns are few.

Population is sparse.

Meaningful moments are many.

Within this trip was a hidden theme: embrace the life you want to live.

We met Lynette who had moved to Rawene from Auckland a couple of years after visiting there and feeling her heart and creativity being pulled to return.

Rawene was the second city founded in New Zealand and is a port town; suffice it to say it saw its share of action.

At low tides she began collecting very old pieces of broken glass and she makes amazing works of art out of the varied colored, shaped and sized shards of glass.

Her gallery is also her home.

This is a woman that followed their heart.

The bright blue building on the photo on this linked page is her space called The Glimpse Gallery: you can get a glimpse if you CLICK HERE
Bowing to Lynette for living her dream.
Lynette Bradley - The Glimpse Gallery
Clendon Esplanade
Mosaic artist, also pottery, books, hats, embroidery, scenic cards, calendars and more.  Open Tue-Sat 10am-4pm  Sun 10am-1pm over summer.
Ph 09 4057 886 M: 027 3602448

We followed a sign that said WWOOFERS and Smoked Mullet and met a delightful man that fished, raised sheep and lived off the land.  

These are the moments I am treasuring in NZ . . . you happen upon locals that give you a glimpse of their life and then point you to where to go next.  He showed us his huge smoking room which I would liken to a sauna.  He encouraged my little boy to play with the baby lambs and then insisted we find the "Gentle Giant" down the road who is puzzle maker.   

Incidentally if you are not familiar with the term WWOOFER and you know people that would like to travel the world or you are interested in finding an affordable way to do so while being immersed in the land and local culture you might explore WWOOFing as an alternative.  New Zealand is full of WWOOFing opportunities.  Here you can lean more about: WWOOFERS.

Following our kind fisherman's advice we followed Route 12 south on the way to Waipou Forrest, home of the largest and most revered Kauri trees, and we saw the sign for Labyrinth Woodworks.  We took the winding gravel/dirt road approximately 5k up to the Gentle Giant's home and he greeted us, standing outside, barefoot and holding a chain saw; it was a sight to behold. You can link to his site HERE.
My friend, artist, musician, composer, producer, Umedia president, writer Dave Cain with Louis in the shop.
Dave is around 6ft tall.
Louis is barefoot.
Louis' wife spins wool from their sheep and knits clothing as well.  This shop had wood work of Louis and others and games and retro toys . . . all kinds of fun and imaginative items.  

If you've ever wondered where "the middle of nowhere is:" this is it.

Louis says he has had media coverage from all over the world.  He was kind and informative and shared himself with ease.  

Here was an article hanging in the shop:
Louis and his wife have built a labyrinth on the mystical property where friendly, beautiful peacocks and chickens roam free.  You pass over a stream covered with Calla Lilies and yes, you feel like you are in the enchanted land of the hobbits, finding yourself in a beautiful green expanse that leads to the large gate directing you to the maze. 
Find the 2 peacocks.

No zoom required for this friendly fowl

He especially loved standing right by my car

Standing on the bridge

Glimpse into the vast maze

A friend that migrated to New Zealand from South Africa years ago told us recently that in this simple country you will find many simple, magical moments that you happen upon.  This trip was definitely a perfect example of what she described.

My point of this post is more than to just share my journey of the last couple days, but what I and my fellow creative travelers took away from this enlightening trip.

  • If you have a dream of how you want your life to be, start living it . . . even if it is one baby step at a time
  • Stop making excuses that you can't afford your dream. I was traveling with two other travelers who have seen the world on a shoe string budget when they were very young.  How? They made travel their priority, seized opportunities, saw open doors rather than impossibility.
  • Remember that our world is full of stories of artists and writers who have made the choice to live their dreams.   These two people I have highlighted from our trip North could not live in a more remote area but radiated pure energy and the desire to live their own truth.  People (and even the media) find them.
  • Every time you are compelled to make an excuse of why you cannot create, create.  Soon the creation will outweigh the excuses.
  • Trust your inner drive and creativity and seek out opportunities that speak to you.
  • Be the creative bliss you want to be.  Live it.  Breathe it.  Be it.

These lilies grow wild in the pastures, along the roads . . . all over. 

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  1. This was a lovely piece! Your pictures are always so lovely and your written word makes the journey and the NZ folks come alive. I loved "traveling" with you. Thanks for investing your time and skill.