Saturday, 6 August 2011

It's Saturday Somewhere (Whangarei, pronounced Fawn' ger aye)

In New Zealand it is the weekend.  It is Saturday.

I consider myself "off."

I will share a bit of what is happening in my now.

We are surrounded by 100's of newborn lambs.  They are a delight.  They frolic and act like little idiots.  When they nurse their little tails wag a million miles an hour. 
They get me high.
You know how they say that the first time you smoke crack you are addicted? My friend Jan is addicted to the lamb-crack already and she is why I took these photos this morning, the first time she was able to see our surroundings in the light of day.

 These are our American friends Dave and Jan Cain.  They will be here for around ten days.  I'm interested to see what that does to my "first time writer experiment" which I am journaling.  If it helps, Dave (artist, musician, meditation and energy healer, writer) just looked across the room at me and . . . oh, he's psychic, did I mention that . . . he says, "Becky I see you writing."  As I continued to type I responded, "Yes, I am . . . or are you being psychic and you mean in the future?"  "Yes, I see you writing all the time, long term.  I just see it."  Well there then.  That bodes well for my being a full-time writer experiment. 
Thank you Guru Dave.

Here is Whangarei waterfall where we went today for a moment of zen.

I am near obsessing about ego and creating.  Does ego help or hinder?  Does egoless art/writing/creation exist?  Can we create better if we can put ego in a gag and bury it underground in a box with a very small breath hole?  Let's discuss later.

Until then.

Write On.

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