Friday, 12 August 2011

Support Teen Writing

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I would like to ask you to take a moment to support teen writers.  Click HERE and read some of the entries that high schoolers have made regarding their experience with Bullying.  Leave a comment and vote for your favorite.  There are some wise words.

Support teen writing!

Full time writer experiment update:

I am greatly enjoying time with our friends from the US exploring the beautiful outdoors of the Northland in New Zealand.  They are with us for five more days.  The containers of our belongings that have been making their way over the Pacific ocean arrive at our home on Monday and Tuesday (GASP);  what a challenge it will be to settle in with so many possessions after living such a simplified life for 3+ months.  

My full-time writing has turned part-time for my friends' visit but I as I continue with my experiment I am truly harkening back to the name of my blog and beckoning for balance.  I will continue to write throughout the chaos!

Write On!

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