Tuesday, 23 August 2011

why does it rain and rain for some people?

Send love and compassion to this woman and her baby . . . and follow Michael Franti's link to send a donation if you can.  Click HERE to get to Michael's link. 

This is an update posted by one of Tika's friends posted on Michael Franti's website

Tika Update

For those wondering how Tika is doing: I was with her last weekend- she has had her surgery which was a success, and the cancer hadn't spread to the nodes (great news!). She has been healing from this mostly well, but is currently working through a secondary infection on one side. The doctors are on it and she will power through.
Before discovering this, she had to make it through David's birthday (Aug 10th) and celebration, his Mass and reception (on their anniversary- Aug 13th), be told of the infection on the 15th, then be in the hospital for a procedure on her birthday, Aug 19th. And still, she powers on.
A very difficult chain of events for anyone, but after this year, it boggles the mind. I can say she is doing well and on the healing path thanks to friends, family, and all of the kind wishes everyone keeps sending her way so KEEP 'EM COMING! I also wanted to mention that she has a phenomenal support team behind her on a daily basis that keep her and Indie loved and cared for 24/7. I want to thank them 'cause they rock, and greatly deserve it.
I also want to send a million thank you's to Michael and the Spearhead posse for sharing this story and keeping her afloat with love. Thank you.
Oh, and can I just say if you haven't checked out Michael Franti and Spearhead please do-- he is the real deal. I have had the fortune of meeting him a couple of times (in DC at CARE conference & backstage at Ravinia).  Michael Franti is the essence of an insightful blend of compassion and articulation and gives the best hugs ever. Then . . . there is his music.

Michael, you are a true example of Karma.  It has been divine to watch your positive energy and giving nature (finally) bring the attention your amazing music and mission deserves.  Rock on my birthday bro. (it was a delight to see we shared the same bday!)
Michael is so generous with his time and care of others as you can see below. . . 
michael talking to my son & me
my son luke otwell & michael before he took him to the stage to try his guitar (sweet)
 me, michael & another amazing singer/songwriter Anna Fermin (THE voice of Chicago)

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