Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I've Seen the Future and It's a Big Blue Tweeting Zombie Bird

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Ok, so maybe I do think, errr, obsess too much.

It has been quite a while since I've sat at the computer for most of the day, hence it has been a long time since I have done much on Twitter.  For the most part I follow writers on Twitter.  By definition those writers apparently write, some are even published.  My quandary revolves around the fact that many of these writers Twitter like no other . . . as in they are in a near constant state of twittering.  How in the twit do they do it?

As the day wears on, I'm thinking . . . what was that little two inch square on the desktop that I can download and will give me a Twitter update so I won't have to keep going into the browser when I want to take a little Twitter-break?  I had it waaaay, back when. I search.  It was Twitter Deck.  I download it and it immediately morphed into this huge, tweeting mothership that encompasses the whole of my desk top.  There are several columns including one for my FaceBook updates if I want to add them.  Then the Tweet sounds start and there is distraction in the upper right corner of my screen with the latest Tweets flashing forth.

Literally within minutes of having TweetDeck loaded on my desk top my brain was spinning in information-overload.  My senses were overstimulated.  My attention span was (just stopped to look at a tweet that flashed up) challenged in the first couple of minutes (I began writing this within five of those minutes).

Then, at about that fifth minute, it happened.  (tweet about BBC homepage just flashed)  I had a view of what our species will be behaving like in twenty years.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?  Sheeeet.  You haven't seen anything yet.  (someone's blog noticed popped up)

People are focusing on so many things at (wow 99 cent deal on book popped up) one time that nothing is focused on, continuously, for any length of time.

We are already told our children's brains are developing differently than previous generations because of their use of electronics (someone just said they are in the middle of a Typhoon), but I'm telling you this . . . this that I am trying to do right now . . . write and not be distracted by the tweets is impossible(Jamaican drug lord pleads his case) (calling all authors). My brain's synapses are already dancing the samba in response to what I am asking it to do at the moment.

How could I do this all day and write?  Or work a job at a desk?  How can a I tweet and check my FaceBook and give either the attention that neither deserve?

But here is the scary part.  Forget the ever popular Zombies, although I now understand their popularity with the young adult scene BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT WE WILL EVOLVE INTO SOON; at this rate humans will be evolving into attention-deficted-socially-inept-walking-dead.

Think about it.  How many times have you run into one of your hundreds of FaceBook "friends" but don't feel close enough to go up to them and start a conversation?  At the same time, you might go "like" one of their comments later in the day.  With this virtual socializing we are losing the need to connect in person.  In fifty years there will be no face to face communication, just virtual zombies that pass each other silently to later "communicate" on one of their online social hubs.  In person socializing will be looked at as "too time consuming" or "too messy."  As it stands now most people don't even want to speak on the phone, preferring to text.  

(Of writing well the source and fountainhead is wise thinking.- Horace)  How the hell can I think or write with all of these beeps and messages? (3 more during the writing of the rest of this sentence)

Unsocialized zombie type people with ADHD.  That's where we are headed.  A Twitter imposed cyber Zombie apocalypse.  All thanks to online social networking.   (Tropical Storm Ophelia has formed over the Atlantic)

Does that mean I will stop the little bit of Tweeting I've engaged in entirely?  I doubt it.  Does that mean I will mute and hide (depressed or anxious?) Tweet Deck?  No doubt about it.

(Iran will released the jailed hitchhikers on Wednesday!)

(what do people feel as the world crumbles around them?) Seriously, how can I concentrate after reading that Tweet?


  1. ...and here I think of you wandering lush New Zealand in solitude!

  2. of course i am . . . with an ugly blue bird in my pocket.