Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Brief Horse Report #4

Session number 4
Today started off rainy and I knew it was to be rainier in the afternoon.  During a drizzle I went to Rocky- he turned and came towards me with his name and a whistle and then stood for me to approach and halter.  

Stephen and I worked with him for standing still for a mount.  If he moved, I walked him in circles and generally tried to prove that moving was no fun at that moment, if I was asking him to be still.  Initially on a ride he's very skittish for the first fifteen minutes or so, so I understood him not perfectly responding but he did much better that early in a session than usual with moving forward under saddle and responding to the reins and leg (I am adding neck reining every time I am on as well).  

Struggled a bit with a standing halt, but with praise got much better.  After about three assisted mounts (i.e. Stephen standing at his head to stop him if he wanted to move), I was able to get a perfect standing perfectly still mount in.  Took a bit to keep him perfectly still for dismount and when I got it, we quit.  

Good job Rocky!

He will have a break for one or two days while I am out of town with a friend overnight Monday.

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