Saturday, 17 December 2011

Three in One

Working from my iPhone I will attempt a brief Rocky update. We had a full week of pouring rain so I did miss a few days.

This morning we had our third ride since my last Rocky update. The two prior to today were ok. Ricky continues to warm up quicker each ride. Yesterday one of the horse owners rode Star into our gate and I could sense by the way he reacted eying them from afar that all was not right. My gut is that he may have not seen someone on a horse before and wondered what the creature was; it was a horse he was not familiar with. When we got close, he promptly began posturing, whinnying and turned an attempted a kick. I was able to rein him in but the other owner was a bit daunted. Star has the reputation for being a bossy one and was in season; his owner wondered if he was reacting to her. I still think he was in shock. I think it would've been great to ride longer with Star in view- we did a bit but they basically rushed back. Next outing with a horse should be tagging along with Simba, whom he knows. Good news was that she left the gate open so for the first time we took the trek along the road down to the first gate. He was super and we did end up cruising by the pasture where Star and another horse live.

Today was an excellent ride. Virtually no warm up required and he was off responding to leg cues, minimal reining, and reading my mind. I had a slow and steady conversation with him and virtually no spooks. I opened a gate on the way to the barn so we could easily wander much further afield. He did great going into some unknown territory.

All in all I'm so proud of his progress: standing well to mount, requiring less but, responding very well to voice commands and leg cues, coming readily to be ridden, standing without being tied & practically giving me his feet before being asked. He's very affectionate without being domineering and lives rub downs and grooms. I think it is safe to say that the bond is mutual.

Last three rides I'd give a 6/10, 8/10 & 10/10 successively.

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