Monday, 26 November 2012


For the first time, since my arrival in the Northland of New Zealand, I spent a weekend in a nest of, what I call, "woo-woo women." Woo-woo? you ask. As one of my old friends coined it many years ago: crystal seeking, tofu eating, woo-woo women. But I would now add to that: holistic hearts; loving lights; creative compassion . . . the list goes on.

Never before relating to the term sugar buzz in reference to the over-consumption of sweets, I now find myself flying with my own private sugar buzz. And this photo is my little reminder of the weekend. She is my alter-ego that tells me: you are good enough just the way you are; go for it, take a risk; create, you do it wonderfully; reinvent yourself NOW.

Our high priestess of the weekend was the wonder-full Jane Cunningham of Whangarei, New Zealand. The workshop was called Choosing True over Nice. Jane is offering it as an e-course soon at a very reasonable price. Give yourself the holiday gift of nurturing, explorative, creative time for yourself. Time to remember the gift you really are, while having fun exploring the nooks and crannies that are you. Learn more about her e-course here:

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