Tuesday, 14 January 2014

life and bliss and the mess in between

we can see sunrises over the sea (if we are upright), but don't see sunsets-- but if you choose to step outside, in the right place, at the right time, around sunset, you may just see something like this: bliss

Life is hard.  No argument here.  

No matter what another person's life looks like, it is important to remember that no one is exempt from pain and sorrow and angst and loss.  

Every one.  Every day.

And it's mostly effortless for us to recognise and wax lyrical about the "messy."  Days and months can go by where we struggle to find the bliss or are too emotionally and physically exhausted to create the bliss.  

But bliss is there.  

Sometimes, when it isn't living in our heart, we need to go outside ourselves and look for it and let it envelop us.

  1. 1.
    perfect happiness; great joy.
    "she gave a sigh of bliss"
    synonyms:joypleasuredelighthappiness, gladness, ecstasyelationrapture,euphoriaheavenparadise, seventh heaven, cloud nine, Eden,Utopia, Arcadia; More

  1. 1.
    reach a state of perfect happiness, oblivious of everything else.
    "Josh is just blissed out, always smiling"

Notice that the definition of bliss ranges from pleasure to gladness to ecstasy-- which is a huge range.  

Bliss makes me tingle.  

It's the feeling I get when I am overwhelmed with love and pride for my children.  

It's the overwhelming aaaah, I feel when I see natural beauty.  

And yes, sometimes it's created within-- such as when the stars have aligned and I'm feeling peace and love and satisfaction with a job I consider "well done."

Family that couldn't be at my daughter's wedding in September just left our home and they asked me to read the "toast" I'd written for the beautiful couple, which I hadn't looked at since the wedding.  

Reading my own words out loud again, I was stunned that I became all verklempt, I guess because it was a timely reminder for myself, as well as a reminder of a divinely love-filled event: bliss. 

Particularly, this little blip struck home (and yes, this is a fraction of the message, but I think sharing this is okay because it's pretty much a world-truth):
How do you teach your four year old that perfection is an illusion? That life is messy and hard and full of imperfect surprises, but that there will be moments of pure bliss. And it's those moments or hours or days of bliss that make life as close to perfect as we humans can experience. Chasing the impossible "perfect" will drive one mad and would be horribly boring if we found it, but when the moments of bliss do arise, like today: you've peeked into perfect.   
Be patient with those that seem to go on about the good things in their lives-- when they do.  Some folks are just in awe of how the Universe unfolds its magic. 

No matter how "perfect" people's stories sound, there are layers of sweat and grime and tears and heartbreak that lie in support of their bliss.  

No one is exempt from messy.  

But one glimpse of bliss trumps a whole bunch of mess.


  1. Wow! Well said! Bliss is all of that for sure. Life is hard and messy, but we can choose to nourish bliss. Thanks! Lovely blog, Lady!

  2. Thanks so much Nancy. Glad you could relate! Bliss on!