Friday, 7 March 2014

Heaven on earth: another beautiful New Zealand trek (walk)

Walks like these are heaven for nature lovers.  And when you have no idea what the trail holds for you, the magic, as it unfolds, is multiplied.

Yesterday, I ventured down a trail I had heard about but not tested yet.  Alone, uninitiated, and not focusing on conversation or herding a child, there was a heightened sense of appreciation 

This is the Whananaki Coastal walk.  It starts close to Sandy Bay, a renowned surfing beach-- just a ten minute drive down the road from us and where our newly surfing son likes to call home.

These photos are from my Samsung Galaxy, having newly switched over from longtime iPhone use; still trying to decide if I'm pleased with its performance.  Unfiltered.  The day was yesterday-- sunny, clear, with the sea transparent and glowing aquamarine.

A couple of older Nordic walkers were leaving the trail as I started and the only other humans I saw was when I was passed on my way back by two mountain bikers-- clearly as awestruck as me.  The walk totalled two hours and now I can't wait to pack a lunch and do the whole walk to Whananaki and back.  

For lovers of Mimiwhangata, like ourselves, this is closer to Whangarei and holds a similar magnificent quality.  

Beginning by climbing over a nondescript stile, there was no way I could have imagined what was in store. At the start of the trek I was absolutely rendered speechless by the immediate view. And as you scroll down you will hopefully get a feel for this walk, and the many gasps that followed.

The last photo is beloved Sandy Bay, so even after you have gotten in your car and driven away you find yourself, again, awestruck at the beauty at every turn.  And this expansive beach was totally empty on a brilliant day.

Only in New Zealand.

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