Friday, 21 August 2015

for those who suffer silently. . .

to stand like a tree and bend gently in the wind without breaking

to flow like the sea, accepting waves of discomfort but welcoming relief with open heart

to shine like the sun, finding the light within-- even in the midst of the most brutal storm

to be grounded in sound earth feeling the energy of those that have walked before and who walk with you now

to feel fire within you when the chill of life overtakes and energy wanes

to listen deeply to yourself and hear your needs when no others are there to hear to your voice 

to hold yourself so very gently and rock away everything within you that feels less than whole

to be one with all that is light and love and know deep within yourself that you are worthy

and to feel the love that you have given so freely to others knowing without question you are love and that love is the essence of life

and may it be so

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