Sunday, 13 November 2016

Go to Hell 2016: I rebuke thee


It has been a bullshit year to be trying to keep the peace and be all love and light.

My soulmate brother has been on a diabolical health journey since exactly January 1st sending me and my entire family spiralling with broken hearts to hope-full to fear-full to just damned glad to be able to talk to him and laugh with him and love with him like I was able to today. But this guy? This guy is the closest to a saint that could walk the earth:  I rebuke you 2016 for messing with this fantastic man.

Iconic musician's deaths. I will say no more: I rebuke you 2016 for continuing to suck the earth dry of souls that let us dance some of our pain away.

Politics. Elections. Nobody knowing what the hell . . . and now an icon for hate and intolerance elected to the highest office, arguably, in the world. WTF 2016? I rebuke you.

Christian right– who taught me the word rebuke–spreading hate and lies and only happy when looking at their mostly white faces staring back at them in the mirror– unable to even fathom for a moment what the words "Christ-like" might really look like: I rebuke every last living one of you that took the hate-full actions you've taken in 2016. Stop giving Christianity such an ugly face and bad reputation.

KKK and the other overtly racist and bigoted action-takers– shut the fuck up: I rebuke the fact that you could even exist in 2016 and your Hitler-mentality. The thought you were instrumental in electing the US's next president causes the bowels of this earth to roar with distaste.

Refugees being shut out, children bombed, palpable unrest: 2016 I rebuke you along with the diseased fear and hate that perpetuates your wars.

FaceBook– you fail. I divorce you. And I rebuke you in the name of all that could be right in social media if it didn't allow hate-groups to form and shit in people's mouths.

My thought was to disappear entirely from social media and the world wide web entirely, but for right now, that is not the answer. I deserve to feel the feelings and I deserve to have a voice and speak it and I'm all sorry if my naughty words bother you but I have censored myself all of my life.  

I will news-fast to a degree. I cannot keep my head in it like most responsible and activist citizen's will.

What I hope to do is get back to being someone who can see the bigger picture and the Universal significance of it all.

But right now? I'm fucking angry for every minority and disenfranchised person in the U.S. that is getting spit at by these hate-spawns. And we all need to join forces and conjur up as much love-energy as possible to rebuke the hell out of that hate. 

Look out for yourselves peeps.

Be careful out there. 

Don't own their vile words and actions or let them penetrate your loving energy fields.

Feel the feelings.

It's okay. It wouldn't be helpful to paint it with all zen and namastes right now. 

Sending the biggest love out to those that love and are living lives of compassion.

And rebuking the hell out of the hate-mongers.

No, I am not one of you. 

I do not hate you, person full of hate and fear and acting and speaking in such a vile manner.

I just fucking rebuke you.

Be gone.

And 2016 it will be a great to soon see the back of you.