Sunday, 25 February 2018

Whangarei graciously accepts The Vagina Monologues (whew)

We did it!!!

We completed our run of V-Day Whangarei's : The Vagina Monologues.

Not only did we do it, we sold out all of our shows well in advance and will have a generous donation for Whangarei Rape Crisis.

In answer to the sell-out feat, I had to engage the cast, "Now we have to show the audience that our show deserved to sell out." (no pressure)

Our cast met a total of five times prior to opening.

Handpicked, I envisioned the cast doing the parts they did and with their invitations they received their pieces. 

And they all bravely answered the call and gave it their precious all.

The kudos for the quality of the show and the effect TVM has had on people has been staggering.

Thank you Whangarei, New Zealand for stepping up and welcoming this piece of *verbatim theatre into your worlds.

Who knows? Maybe we'll see you again . . .

*Verbatim theatre is created using the direct words of individuals, obtained from interviews. Watch this space as I begin on a journey to collect interviews for a new verbatim piece surrounding people's experiences with death, working title: The Death Dialogues