Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The Big Trip #2: big feels in Colorado

What a great few days hanging out with Elsa & James before the festivities officially begin.

Their mission, in part, has been introducing us to Mr. Altitude. He's quite a tickler, that Mr. A. We were quite proud of ourselves on our first hike at Gross Reservoir until we were ascending back up to the parking lot. Not a huffy puffy out of shape kind of experience but a slightly dizzy, slightly nauseas-- more of an oh-my-must-pause-before-I-face-plant kinda vibe. All good though!

Just the three of us went up higher into Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday and did an easy little hike and coped well.

Had a lovely evening with Elsa's parents, Susan & Steve on Sunday night. Couldn't get over their farm with labyrinth, huge meditation room, gorgeous gardens and animals-- and their lovely company, felt like meeting old friends. Unfortunately I only had my wits about me to take a photo of Susan milking the goat. Check out the Death Dialogues page on FaceBook to see why we had so much to talk about it. Look forward to going back tonight for a dinner gathering with family who has arrived so will get more photos then.

Picking up Luke and Freya and her friend at the airport this afternoon.  Tomorrow we head to Crested Butte where the wedding will take place next Sunday.

Exciting times! 

Lovely walking paths just close to Elsa & James' home
Frequent posturing as Dad remembers wisdom he may impart about Life 

Had dinner at Elsa's parents amazing farm & the only photo I took was of the goat milking. 

Hike at Gross Reservoir: Hello Altitude, we feel you. 
James & Elsa love to boulder which is rubbing off on Atticus a bit

the happy couple

a Colorado game: spot the dispensary

drive to Rocky Mountain National Park

Bear Lake

within Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park

Highlighting Mexican restaurants, quaint towns, mountains & my model

Saturday, 7 July 2018

The Big Trip #1: delayed

A bit of blogging may ensue as we start on a travel adventure. We head to the US for a family wedding and go on for a lengthy trip sponsored by lots of home swapping and the fact that our son is now homeschooling. 

Auckland Airport July 7, 2018 (the day we should be in the USA)

Starting our journey on the big ole jet last night, we were whisked off just after getting snuggled in as they spotted a gas leak from the engine on the ground that needed to be repaired. 

Step by step, from customs, to collecting our luggage, to waiting in line after line and finally being given a voucher for a taxi and hotel—our travels did not begin as expected.

One can’t really complain. 

What’s the alternative? 

If we are to have the privilege of zooming through the ether in unimaginable tonnage that still feels an act of magic, then by gum, we better respect (and breathe a sigh of relief) when they feel there may be a safety concern. 

We’ve all teetered on being ungrateful but circle back and try to pull the positivity out of each other.

It has been a great surprise to hear A echo previous coaching. I wasn’t feeling well and he’s giving me a mantra, “Just say to yourself I feel healthy and happy.” Or, “Just breathe easy mom.”

It’s interesting seeing Mr. A (almost 14) in this light. 

It’s been a while since he has flown and there have been a bit of nerves that he’s preciously vocal about it and it’s been quite entertaining observing him working his methodology to successfully get on the other side of the nerves.

A’s always had a penchant for trying to get us arrested while travelling and we’ve coached him to be quiet as he is being approached by customs and airline officials— instead of his involuntary confessional parroting. 

There were a couple of epic fails yesterday. 

One that stands out was when his bag was put to the side and had to be gone through at security. They had seen his natural deodorant stick that’s in cardboard. The worker quickly looks at it and approves it and his response is, “Excuse me miss, miss?!? My dad has one of those in his checked bag— will that be a problem?”  

May the force be with us as we negotiate this terrain again today. 

They have an extra layer of security for this flight into LA  that we have not seen before. They separate the three of us and ask us questions to assure validity. 

As we walk away he chirps cheerfully, “I told her we’d be gone for a week!” We will be gone for 3.5 months— (house and animal sitter intact). 

Better go and get a coaching session in with Mr. 13 before boarding. 

Looking forward to finishing the movie Dear Simon on the airplane. The first fifteen minutes were great.  x