Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Public Apology to Twitter

Within a few minutes of my last blog post where I was (sort of) (tongue-in-cheek) hatin' on the tweeting big blue bird, I  connected with a writer/publisher on Twitter.  

"Take that!" the bird squawked.

Flash forward twelve hours and I am hanging up the phone after speaking with my Twitter contact on the telephone for two hours.  My new Twitter-friend happens to be a published author, with decades of experience negotiating the mine fields of pitching and publishing and happens to have a publishing company.  Our connection was immediate, and we talked a full hour before even discussing our writing.

By the end of the next hour, she was intrigued by my novel's concept and I decided I would revise on a deadline and submit to her.  I was intrigued by her enthusiasm, her knowledge base and the fact the universe had thrown us together.

That is how my life rolls.  Practicing intention (even when my intention had been to doubt Twitter), I continuously attempt to throw to the universe what it is I seek in my life, any given moment on any given day.  Four words always follow my intent: for the greater good.

I am writing my novel because I must.  It is impossible to not write my book.  My intention was only to write and to finish an interesting novel, but like all artists, it is a thrill to be read and appreciated.  Thrown into that intention was that it would be cool to get my work "out there" without impinging on the creative process (ie still giving me time to write).

Once again, I am in awe of how magic develops in the world around us.  

No, I don't know for certain that my book will ever be published, but in the meantime I have connected with a brilliant soul who has already mentored me invaluably, whether she realizes it or not.

And that my friends, is a Twitter success story.

I apologize big, blue Zombie bird.  There apparently is some magic behind the madness.