Friday, 9 December 2011

Horse stories continued~

Session 8  Friday December 9 (Happy 21st Birthday Luke!!!)

Typically our riding sessions have been a bit later in the day, but today's started at 830 am.

There were great strides in getting up the hill and out into the real world.  Then much less balking than typical.  The 20 minute warm up session had gone down to 5 minutes.  But after a house load of terriers ran out there door across the road, something got Rocky on high alert and even though he willingly went places he typically takes much coaxing to get to, he was just not relaxed.

That said, I'll take all the positives that came with showing progress.  Mounting easily with my little block- untied.  Out of the pasture area and up the hill easier.  Responding to the leg/rein and intuitively responding to my desires much quicker in the session.  At the gate to move on to next session we stood and he really appeared to want to move on.

I'll take it.

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