Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Lesson- 1; Casualties- 0

An afternoon at the beach after a bumpy start to the day = balance!
Today my son and I had a great learning opportunity.  He was waiting for me to walk our horse to someone's house who had offered for me to use their hose to give Rocky a bath. Begging had ensued the night before, "Pleeease let me take my bike and I'll ride while you get Rocky . . ."  So a big production was made about getting his bike ready and how much fun it would be for him to have a flat area to ride in.

As I head off the few blocks down the road to get to the horse and walk him back after once again explaining the procedure that HE'D requested, Atticus is beaming ear to ear, riding in this gated area with his helmet on.  Ten minutes later as he sees Rocky and I walking down the road he is shrieking, "Mom, Mom, you left me."  (Okay lesson learned.  I can't trust that my seven year old will remember ANY plan that involves me being out of his sight, even if he devised it.) 

"I didn't know where you were!!!!"  As his shrieks are bouncing over to us I can see Rocky tense, ears perk and he begins to nervously hop around.  I take deep breaths and try to remain calm while I am imploring my son, loudly, to hold his voice down and be calm (yes, spaz-crazy mess).  The next thing I know, Rocky is in full spook mode as he was more frequently in the very early days and hasn't been for quite a while.  I was having to continue to shush Atticus after initially hollering to reassure him-- all fairly tense energy.  Stubborn as he is, it took Atticus a while to get the picture that he really HAD to calm himself or he was putting me and Rocky in danger as Rocky reacted as if he was a steam engine being shoveled full of coal.  Eventually Rocky calmed more and was able to enjoy his bath, even though two previous pasture mates were within neighing distance.  My son helped with the bath and we were able to discuss and he could see, concretely, how much his energy and actions could affect another living being.  All in all a good lesson.

My point?  We are always coached to remain calm at all times if we want our horses to be calm.  I was lucky that my first horse, Misty, was the best girl ever and very calm; she was also eighteen when I got her.  Rocky was a five year old different story and it is has been apparent how my and other's personal energy affects him.

If that phenomenon exists with our animal mates/friends think about how it rubs off around our human mates/friends.  Are your ever around people that are so jittery, have pressured speech, are negative or overly angry that you can actually feel the effect . . . as if it's causing visceral changes in you?  THAT'S what interferes with the horse focusing on what he needs to be doing, THAT feeling.   

We all need to be aware of who and what helps and hinders our "energy fields/level" and work towards mastering the only entity we can control: ourselves.

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