Saturday, 26 May 2012

Curve Balls

Life is synonymous with "unpredictability."

I am constantly and humbly reminded that it is impossible to accurately predict how our own inner peace, balance, structure, routine and health will lie on a day to day basis-- let alone how others close to us are fairing on their daily life journeys.

Recently we have had major reminders of how fragile the delicate web of life and relationships can be and watching, not only our own reactions to these changes, but how others react, has been one more of life's interesting lessons.

Everyday humans receive tragic news about themselves or others, experience illness or injury, difficulties in the home or workplace.  That unpredictability is the essence of what forms our lives.

Although it can feel like a beautifully orchestrated piece of music when we have periods that run smoothly, almost effortlessly, life will remind us not to get too comfortable, to expect unpredictability.  That doesn't mean to have an anxious view of what may happen to you or others, it's a simple reminder to let go of the illusion that EVERYthing will run smoothly day after day.

Create a nurturing nest.  Have a back-up plan that allows you to feel grounded and centered when the  proverbial sh*t hits the fan.  Maybe it is your meditation practice or just some nice and easy deep breathing.  Maybe it is certain soothing music that helps to center you or aromatherapy that can help keep you in a healthy here and now.  If you don't have that nest to fall back on, find some joy in creating that practice or space for yourself.

Practice gratitude.  For every day that does go by smoothly and free of negative surprises, stop and tell the Universe a simple thank you.

Stay in the moment.  Anytime you find yourself predicting negativity may be around the corner- let that be your cue to STOP and return to the moment.

This moment is all that is real and true.

This moment is the only thing we know for sure.

We lose the here and now if we let our minds play games with perceived stressors. 



Look around you.

You are not negativity.

You are not stress.

Your are fundamentally pure love and light.

Just. Be. There.

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