Friday, 15 June 2012

it takes a closer look

I am fixated with using my iPhone to take photos of the beauty around me in New Zealand.  When I share them, they are not altered.  Every day I see so much natural art around me; I am totally attending the church of Mother Earth since my arrival to the Northland.

My journey here has been one of learning to trust that on any day, at any given time, I am right where I need to be.  I float through some days, having minimal interaction with other humans.  Other days, I am fully immersed in learning and experiencing new relationships and this rich culture.  

To be in a country that is working to reestablish their connection, respect, and power structure with the indigenous Maori population is healing after seeing the plight of the Native American and lack of ownership and respect America has allowed their indigenous ones.  My family of origin is from Oklahoma and Texas;  having  started my life there, living there as a young adult, and having had Native Americans in our family, we have learned from our relatives and our time in these culturally rich areas.  Cousins nest in a small town called Apache.  But it was in New Zealand, on the Maori channel, that I happened upon an amazing documentary on Native American Chiefs, the likes of nothing I saw or learned growing up in America. Oh that every indigenous people's ancestors could see their families rising from the tortured ashes.  

I've spoken of the Koru before HERE and how the spiral has been a symbol that has followed me throughout my life; I had not previous knowledge of its significance in New Zealand.  Everytime I happen upon one in nature, it speaks to my soul.  When we explored our new house for the first time I was so pleasantly surprised to see two Koru imbedded in our sidewalk.

Yesterday walking on the beach I glanced down and saw the typical scene:

sand on beach

Zooming in, I found this Koru, once again, in nature.  Note the grains of sand.  Each stand alone.  Each unique.

gift in sand on beach

we must stop, look, and listen to truly see
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