Saturday, 8 February 2014

hit me

Being deemed an expat blog and all, I thought, in honour of almost three years in New Zealand, it would be appropriate to actually post some of my opinion about this "stranger in a strange land" experience.

Therefore, I'm happy to open it up for you to shoot me any questions you might have that you would like me to cover.

Coming soon, I will discuss the sticker shock (or lack thereof) of the cost of living compared to the US -- frequently brought up by visitors.

Since I'd like to keep the posts relatively brief, I'll try to hit a topic at a time. We'll see.

So, please, no more overdose deaths, I'm ignoring the Woody Allen saga-- I've already blogged in my head and I am not on his side.  As a long time human service worker with lots of work with survivors of sexual abuse/assault, Dylan's voice sounded true.  I'll stop now.



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